Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Don't let weather, wildfires and work derail your wildland travels. Just ask for 'Plan B'!

As potential consolation for the risks posed by wildland travel's three dreaded "Ws" -- weather, wildfires and work -- we'll be offering 2024's clients exclusive free use of our GPS-guided "Plan B" data file with routing through the most beautiful part of Idaho, in the American West's northern Rocky Mountains.

Travel-season storms can make many of the West's dirt roads impassable. Wildfires can close backcountry roads, forcing travelers onto long highway bypasses.

Perhaps worst of all: Your phone ... and the office has your number.

For clients who suddenly must shorten or even cancel their journeys on our western wildland routes, we've compiled as compensation a free, plug-and-play GPX route file that can guide them along spectacular day trips that are second to none.

These routes -- all readily accessible from a single base -- traverse terrain that is more mineralized than clay-based, and thus more resilient to inclement conditions than many western regions.

The region is more open and less forested, and thus less prone to fire. It also is convenient to the airport and amenities of Idaho Falls, a dynamic small city just west of Wyoming and south of Montana.

The routes can quickly be accessed from a backcountry campsite or even a rustic motel.

Each route is selected and documented via GPS not only for its beauty, but also for, soils that are less likely to turn to mud when wet, abundant RV and tent camping opportunities -- both dispersed and in campgrounds -- as well as lodging, alpine hiking, fishing, and mechanized trail riding, a mountain setting that is authentically Idaho, proximity to Yellowstone-Teton country, Ketchum/Sun Valley, the Sawtooth Range and ghost towns.

So be assured that if the three "Ws" find you, our "Plan B" just might save your trip -- while still providing the memorable wildland adventures you were looking for.

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