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Sierra to the Sea Adventure Route: Motoring through the wildlands of Northern California

Note: The condition of Sierra to the Sea/Sea to Sierra Adventure Route (S2S) in Northern California could be uncertain in some places due to erosion and wildfire impacts. Travelers might need to improvise go-arounds.

Sierra to the Sea/Sea to Sierra Adventure Route (S2S) is our 825-mile, eight-day, GPS-guided backcountry motor route from the Sierra Nevada to the largest coastal wildland in the Lower 48, the fabled "Lost Coast."

S2S is focused on Northern California's most scenic, historic and remote unpaved backroads. The objective: To guide select overlanders, adventure motorcycle riders and other wildland travelers through some of California's wildest vehicle-accessible backcountry with data that is accurate, useful and current.

What we provide

General map depicting the Sierra to the Sea route across California
Sierra to the Sea/Sea to Sierra ... or just S2S.

Our detailed, plug-and-play GPS data file will guide you accurately along every mile of the route. The routes that Backcountry Byways LLC develops are researched, documented and monitored by wildland-travel specialists with decades of experience in both adventure motorcycle and SUV travel.

Like all of the GPS-guided routing that we provide, S2S comes with detailed GPX-format tracks ready to load onto your dedicated GPS unit, smart phone or tablet; and hundreds of waypoints for verified campsites and campgrounds, lodgings, fuel stops, difficult sections and more. Each is documented using GPS coordinates and on-site observation.

Importantly, our routes are not just a product, but a service that often can be tailored to the interests and itineraries of the most selective adventure travelers. Going far beyond the typical crowd-sourced routing, we are committed to prompt, professional and even personalized products and services. Our clients get exclusive "anytime" support directly from the person most knowledgeable about the route, someone who can provide counsel that is prompt, convenient, and authoritative.

You won't have to mine internet forums for dubious input from anonymous strangers and amateurs. We get to know our clients. Many become friends, and return year after year. Knowing them as we do, we can tailor a service to their interests and experience. And we're available when they need us, from start to finish, even as they travel.

A gold rush-era road, included in S2S.

The S2S experience

S2S travelers are immersed in the canyons and forests of Sierra Gold Country, the volcanic landscapes of Cascadia, the pastoral hills of the Coast Ranges and the windy bluffs above the Pacific Ocean.

Overnight options include dispersed campsites in national forests, developed campgrounds, oceanside state parks,  motels and bed-and-breakfast inns in historic towns that trace their founding to the forty-niners and offshore lumber schooners.

You'll cross streams worked by forty-niners.
Making the journey even more convenient, if you don't have a dedicated motor-vehicle GPS unit, you can load and follow our ".gpx" data file onto a smartphone or tablet.

The Golden State lives up to its nickname.

Your S2S adventure

To get your S2S journey underway, send a note to Backcountry Byways LLC using the contact template on our front page. We respond promptly. After a telephone consultation to go over details, questions and concerns, Backcountry Byways LLC may license your exclusive use of our proprietary S2S track file.

The license fee for use of the non-transferable data file is:

$199 for 1-2 vehicles
$299 for 3-4 vehicles

Another benefit: Substantial discounts are available from makers of premium motorcycling apparel and mapping products.

Backcountry Byways LLC

Backcountry Byways LLC is based in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, amid the largest expanses of publicly owned wildlands in America's Lower 48 states. We've been documenting the wildland roads of the American West since 1993 for guidebooks, magazines, newspapers, online publications, and individual and corporate clients. Our overland travels began much earlier, however, with monthslong journeys throughout North America as well as Latin America, eastern and western Europe, and North Africa.

Don't wait! Start planning your wildland adventure today! We've done the work ... so you can live the dream.

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