Saturday, March 31, 2018

Sierra to the Sea Adventure Route: Motoring through the wildlands of Northern California

Sierra to the Sea/Sea to Sierra Adventure Route (S2S) is our 825-mile, eight-day, GPS-guided backcountry motor route from the Sierra Nevada to the largest coastal wildland in the Lower 48, the fabled "Lost Coast."

Sierra to the Sea/Sea to Sierra ... or just S2S.
S2S is focused on Northern California's most scenic, historic and remote unpaved backroads. The objective: To immerse wildland travelers in some of California's wildest vehicle-accessible backcountry.

With our detailed, plug-and-play GPS data file showing the way, you will be accurately led along every mile of the route.

A gold rush-era road, included in S2S.
Travelers are immersed in the canyons of Gold Country, the forests of the Sierra Nevada, the volcanic landscapes of Cascadia, the pastoral hills of the Coast Ranges and the windy bluffs above the Pacific Ocean.

Overnight options include dispersed campsites in national forests, developed campgrounds, oceanside state parks, and motels and B&Bs in historic towns that trace their founding to the forty-niners and offshore lumber schooners.

You'll cross streams once worked by forty-niners.
Making the journey even more convenient, the file includes precise GPS location markers (waypoints) for primitive campsites, developed campgrounds and fuel sources. If you don't have a dedicated motor-vehicle GPS unit, you can even load our ".gpx" data file onto a smartphone or tablet (Apple, Android & Windows).

S2S has been researched and documented by wildland-travel expert Tony Huegel. He is the developer of the acclaimed six-state Heart of the West Adventure Route, and spent years chronicling wildland-travel opportunities for magazines, guidebooks, public presentations and marketing staff at major auto manufacturers. He also is the founder of Rocky Mountains-based Backcountry Byways LLC, which provides personalized wildland-travel planning services to select American and international clients.

The Golden State lives up to its nickname.
To get your S2S journey underway, send a note to Backcountry Byways LLC using the contact template on our front page. We respond promptly. After a personal visit with Tony by telephone to go over details, questions and concerns, Backcountry Byways LLC may license your use of the proprietary S2S track file.

The license fee for use of the non-transferable data file is:

$199 for 1-2 vehicles
$299 for 3-4 vehicles

Don't wait! Start planning your wildand adventure today! We've done the work ... so you can live the dream.

The largest coastal wildland in the Lower 48 awaits ...

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