Monday, February 25, 2019

Six-state 'Heart of the West Adventure Route' is even better for 2019 wildland travel

Heart of the West Adventure Route maintains its "always something new" reputation for 2019, with substantial new routing in the northern Rocky Mountains.

Have a look ...

Two-track segments replace stretches of paved two-lane state highway and maintained county road. They are ideal for experienced adventure-motorcycle travelers and SUV-borne overlanders.

Since the new segments are more rudimentary and perhaps challenging, the easy segments from the previous edition of H.o.W. remain on the optional ($60, shipped) folded-paper map of the route, published with Benchmark Maps.

H.o.W. retains its convenient web of interconnected loops, including connectors to the Backcountry Discovery Routes. Our popular looping approach makes it easy to tailor a trip to your circumstances and interests, and to start and end your wildland odyssey without backtracking.

As always, campsites, lodgings and fuel sources are waypointed.

For more details, just visit the post below that describes what many consider North America's premier wildland travel experience.

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